January 24, 2021


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Final Bitcoin Cash Update of 2018, Bitcoin Cash Zoo? Pay Using SMS & Big Adoption News Teased Again!

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Full Show Notes

►FINAL SHOW OF 2018 | Growing into the New Year!
The Bitcoin.com YouTube Channel has grown to over 14,600 subscribers!
More than 1.3 million video views reached so far!


►SATOSHI DICE | Now Available in Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
The original Satoshi Dice is now available in Japanese, Chinese and Korean.


► CashGames.Bitcoin.Com | Play Games with Bitcoin Cash!
At least 99% expected return on all games!
Instant payouts with No registration


►AVALANCHE | Enhancing Security with Instant Transactions


► ANYPAY.global | Teaming with CoinText (beta integration)
Anypay is a completely free merchant POS to allow users to exchange for goods and services using crypto- now integrating CoinText (in select locations)


►COINTEXT | Launching in the Philippines- Bringing Total Countries to 39!
Users in the Philippines will soon have access to sending, and receiving Bitcoin Cash with CoinText.

►BITCOIN CASH ZOO | Combining Three Different BCH Livestreams Together
Now BCH users can feed the BCH Chickens, Dash Ducks and now horses, baby goats, bunnies and more- with the addition of a 3rd stream from River Forest Farms livestream.


► CRYPTO & CRYOPRESERVATION | New Report Highlights Relationship Between the Two Fields
New report Highlights the correlation between cryptocurrency enthusiasts and believers in life extension.


►PREDICTIONS PODCAST | Special: Bitcoin + Crypto in 2019
Reflections on 2018 and a look ahead to 2019 and what’s in store for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from Roger Ver, Vin Armani and Gabriel Cardona.

►Developer.Bitcoin.Com | Bitcoin.com Developer Platform
Learn to build on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain with the ease of BITBOX and the Bitcoin.com developer platform.

Visit Developer.Bitcoin.com to get started.


►Highest Bidder: Komugi Yamazaki Cake Extravaganza!
Winner can e-mail [email protected] to provide shipping address.

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