January 23, 2021


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How Bitcoin (BTC) Was Sabotaged | Lightning Network Explained

Credit: Don Wonton for the great Lightning Network Breakdown.
Check out more of his work:

Why was the Lightning Network Developed? How does it work? What is Bitcoin’s history and why have the fees risen so dramatically?

One of the goals that Satoshi Nakamoto the person, or persons, who wrote the code for Bitcoin back in 2009 wanted was for everyday use of bitcoin. This means that regular people, who are not necessarily coders, or even very tech savvy, would be able to use bitcoin to purchase small everyday items.

This explainer video shows you how certain ‘entities’ have strangled the bitcoin network and block size limit at 1mb. Creating a need for the bitcoin lightning network and off-chain solutions. The lightning network has been in development for a long time now and has some pretty restrictive qualities and flaws. This video goes through the bitcoin history and why and how the ‘original’ bitcoin BTC

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