January 17, 2021


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Facebook Group Introducing “Noobs” to the Cryptoverse – BISS Research

Facebook Group Introducing "Noobs" to the Cryptoverse - BISS Research

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Kristine & Travis, Coppersmiths at many Renaissance Festivals & Medieval Faires found their down time during Covid to be the perfect opportunity to introduce cryptocurrency to “New to Tech People.”

One of the biggest things that the young couple learned over the years was how hard it was for the general public to accept the idea of cryptocurrency.
“A lot of people see Crypto as intimidating.” Says Travis. “We want to show people that crypto does not have to be scary like the media tends to project, and that it really is NOT that hard.”

There is no denying that this new age currency is going to be a part of everyone’s future, and Kristine & Travis are determined to offer as much help as they can to give people a jump start in their crypto journey.

Initially the couple created the Facebook group Crypto Wagon to help guide their fellow Rennies at Faire through the beginning of their Crypto lifestyle. Though, as the idea of the group matured, they thought that it wouldn’t be fair to keep the collective info learned since being introduced themselves to crypto in early 2016 exclusive and decided to offer help and guide whomever wanted it.
“The more people we get onto this Crypto Band Wagon early, the better. We are all in this together after all.” Says Kristine.

The Facebook group Crypto Wagon offers help for free with no strings attached so long as members abide by the groups rules and supplies crypto term translations, how to’s on getting started and staying safe, suggested videos, a daily digest, step-by-step help with set up, one-on-one Q&A’s & even have a Live Messenger Chat. Though the group is mostly geared towards the novice, the group readly welcomes veterans as well and is even setting up a kids corner to help parents introduce their children of any age to tech related subjects such as coding and blockchain.

You can find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/303950790786680
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